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Mandarin Duck Stream and White Water Square

Mandarin Duck Stream

The Mandarin Duck Stream, 30 km from Pingnan county seat, is the only-one natural reserve of mandarin ducks in China. Every year, there are thoudands of mandarin ducks that come form north China for living through the winter. Hence its name.

The stream, twisting 14 kilometers around the lonely forest, is an ideal habitat of mandarin ducks, rare monkeys and plants. With an area of nearly 80 square kilometers, it offers a nice valley sightseeing of streams, waterfalls, rocks, caves, pools. Also, it is regared as geological park for a wonder - White Water Square.

White Water Square

The White Water Square is a vast water area on the rocky runway of the upper Mandarin Duck Stream. The stream runs through a vast open area just like a square. The bottom of runway is flat and smooth large rocks. The largest one is as wide as 4 ten thousand of square kilometers. On the surface of the rocks, the stream water flows evenly in a depth less than one foot, which has white glistening light of waves. Thus comes the name White Water Square. Water sliding, surfing and more games can go on on the square.

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