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Glorious Gutian Conference Site

The Gutian Congress or Gutian Conference  was the 9th meeting of the Chinese Communist Party and the first after the Nanchang Uprising. It was convened in December, 1929, at Gutian in Shanghang County, then in Tingzhou Prefecture (now for the most part Longyan Municipality) in western Fujian Province.

Most of the delegates to this congress were from the 4th Army of the Chinese Workers' & Peasants' Red Army. The conference summarized the experiences for building the Party and the army ever since the Nanchang Uprising and passed the famous resolution 'Rectifying the Wrong Thoughts of the Party Members' drafted by Mao Zedong. A basic principles ‘the Party in command of the army' was set up, which make Gutian Conference  very important in the history of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Site of Gutian Conference is at the foot of Bijia Mountain, Caimeiling, Gutian Village in Shanghang County of Fujian Province. It was originally Liaojia Ancestral Temple built at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The site was once the location of the Hesheng Primary School after the Republic China (1912-1949) was founded. It was a group of brick-and-wood structure consisting of the front and back halls and the wing rooms. Out of the temple, there is a well on the left and a parade platform for the Red Army on the right. Behind the temple, there are tall firs and cypresses. The back hall, which used to be the schoolhouse for the higher grades, was where the Gutian Conference was held. Now the rostrum, the conference logo, the Party flag, the portraits of Marx and Lenin, the seats for the delegates are restored. In the left wing room, there was the office of Mao Zedong during the conference. Near the site there are some exhibition halls for the conference.

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