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Taining Golden Lake

Golden Lake, located in the southwest of Taining County, is a national park of forest and Danxia landform. It is man-made lake that is formed by a dam cutting the Gold Stream for hydropower station. The lake is featured by a unique sight of Danxia landform.

Covering an area of 37.06 square kilometers, the Golden Lake Tourist Area is consisted of purplish red fragmentary rocks. It features on-water Danxia landform with deep gullies and valleys and a variety of fully developed Danxi landform landscapes. There are four major scenic spots in Golden Lake Tourist Area, namely Ganlu Rock, Mao'er Mountain, Meikou Quiet Lake and Yikou Quiet Lake. 

Danxia Landform of China is the general name of a Serial Nomination for World Natural Heritage. This nomination consists of five geologically areas related to Danxia Landform which show collectively featured values of Danxia geomorphology in south-east China. The most typical example is Danxia Mountain in Guangdong Province, whose name is used to nominate that unique type of petrographic landfrom. Danxia landform could be defined as 'landform consists of red bed characterized by steep cliffs'. It was named in China, and was a type of topography which was studied by Chinese geologists.
Nearby the Golden Lake, there are a well-preserved ancient town in Taining. The Taining town has a complete architecture group of the Ming Dynasty, where the top exampe is a  minister's mansion of ancient time. Moreover, the old lanes and streets at the town still preserve the style of the Qing Dynasty.

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