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Garden for Ease of Mind

The Garden for Ease of Mind aka the Jichang Garden is located at the eastern foot of Huishan (Hui Hill) and north side of Huishan Temple. In the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Qin Jin, a military official in Nanjing, made the place into a villa garden. Later it renamed Jichang Garden. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) was so impressed by its design that he ordered an imitation of the garden to be built in the Summer Palace in Beijing which was named the Garden of Harmonious Interest.

Covering only 1 hectare, with Huishan on its east and Xishan (a hill) on its southeast, the Ji Chang Garden was built in such an ingenious manner that it seems to absorb the picturesque surroundings, giving to its confines an impression of infinite space. It seems as if both Xishan and Huishan are a part of the garden. The garden is divided into two parts: the eastern part is mainly composed of water ponds and pavilions, and the western part, mainly luxuriant forests and exquisite rockeries.

As a famous Suzhou garden and Suzhou scenic spot, the Garden for Ease of Mind attracts more than 800,000 tourists from home and abroad every year.

Garden for Ease of Mind, Suzhou ToursGarden for Ease of Mind, Suzhou ToursGarden for Ease of Mind, Suzhou Tours

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