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Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty

Mountain Villa Embracing Beauty, Suzhou ToursThe Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty, situated at No. 262 of Jingde Road, was originally the site of Qian's Jingu Garden. After several times of ownership changes and expansions the garden was renamed the Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty (Chinese name: Huanxiu Shanzhuang)

The villa is celebrated for its unusual limestone rockery. Within an area of 500 square meters, this small artificial mountain is formed by high peaks, dells, pathways, caverns, stone house, stone steps, ravines, precipices, gullies, bridges and cliffs. Its appearance looks natural and artistic. At its summit are towering old trees, and at its foot, murmuring streams.

The Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty is surrounded by pines, cypress, magnolia, and the like. The trees form a green wall and flowers send out fragrance, adding vitality to the surrounding mountains, pools, and buildings.

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