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Garden of Pleasance

Garden of Pleasance, Suzhou ToursThe Garden of Pleasance also known as Yiyuan, situated along the Renmin Street in downtown Suzhou, was the residence of Wu Kuan in the Ming Dynasty. During the reign of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1644 -1911), its ownership shifted to Gu Wenbin, who spent seven years expanding it to an area of more than 0.53 hectare. The garden is divided into two parts - the east and the west - and in between, there is a two-layered corridor, which has windows on the wall and is decorated with varied patterns.

The eastern part mainly consists of two pavilions, one hut and one hall, and courtyard architectures, surrounded by winding corridors. In the courtyards flowers and trees are planted in the front, decorated with lake limestone. The eastern part, focus of the whole garden, is mainly composed of mountain and water sceneries. A narrow pond runs from the east to west in the middle, surrounded by mountain stones, flowers and trees.

As a Suzhou tour highlight, the Garden of Pleasance is noted for three features: the large numbers of rocks from lake, stones carved with calligraphic works, and abundant flowers and trees. Compact layout, zigzag arrangement, ponds, flowers and birds, and a large number of pavilions in the garden are really appealing to tourists.

Garden of Pleasance, Suzhou ToursGarden of Pleasance, Suzhou ToursGarden of Pleasance, Suzhou Tours

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