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Hanshan Temple

Hanshan Temple (or Cold Mountain Temple; Hanshansi in Chinese), one of Suzhou's famous tourist attractions, is located in Feng Qiao Town, which is 5 Km away from Suzhou City. The temple was built during the Liang Kingdom of Six Dynasties period (502-519 AD), which has 1400 years history. It's said that the famous monk Hanshan and Shide had ever been the abbots in the temple, hence the name.

The temple was said to be set on fire for 5 times (7 times according to other material) within more than 1000 years time, the last time was in the Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty. Hanshan Temple was one of the ten famous temples in Chinese history. There are many historical relics in the temple, like the tablet of Zhangjishi (the tablet of Zhangji's poet), statues of Hanshan and Shide, epigraph relic of Tangyin and so on. The main buildings within the temple are: Grand Hall, Wudian (a side hall of the temple), Scripture Library, Stele Corridor, Bell Tower, Fengjiang River Tower, etc.

Hanshan Temple, Suzhou ToursHanshan Temple, Suzhou ToursHanshan Temple, Suzhou Tours

Passing the alleyways of Feng Qiao Old Town (or the Feng Bridge Old Town), or standing on the Feng Qiao Bridge (Maple Bridge), you can see the Hanshan Temple surrounded by green trees. There are green pines and cypress trees with winding lanes inside the temple yard. A famous poet Zhang Ji passed by Hanshan Temple and wrote a famous poem called Night Berthing at Feng Bridge. (The general meaning of the poem is: When the moon sunk in the foggy night, and the crow is tweeting. I cannot get into sleep in anxiety and watch the lights in the fishing boats on the river. Suddenly the mid-night tolling the Hanshan Temple located outside the Suzhou city is heard in the guest boat. ) This poem's description of the tolling of the Hanshan Temple enjoyed popularity among the people and came down to present. Hanshan Temple was thereby become more famous because of this poem.

Hanshan Temple, as well as the Suzhou gardens, is the symbol of Suzhou and the pride of Suzhou people. If you do not visit Hanshan Temple, then it's a pity for your Suzhou tour.

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