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Humble Administrator's Garden

Humble Adiministrator's Garden, Suzhou ToursThe Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan) is situated in Dongbei Street, Inner Dongbei Loumen - northeastern portion of Suzhou. Built in the early 1500s, this private garden belonging to Wang Xianchen, a censor with a chequered history. Some say he was demoted to Suzhou, some claim he extorted the money to have the garden constructed, others that the garden was lost as a gambling debt by his son.

The garden is also known as the 'Plain Man's Politics Garden' deriving from the quotation 'to cultivate one's garden to meet one's daily needs, that is what is known as the politics of the plain man'. The garden contains a five hectare water park, streams, ponds, bridges, islands of bamboo - and you can sense the painter's hand in its design, meant to mimic parts of rural South China - strong emphasis in Suzhou gardens are given to scenery not found locally.

Humble Adiministrator's Garden, Suzhou ToursThe Humble Adiministrator's Garden is divided into east, middle and west sections. The middle is the best, which is the keystone of the garden with marvellous mountains, clear water, exquisite buildings and exuberant trees and flower reminiscent of the scenery in the south of the Lower Yangtze, and from the Ming Dynasty Distant Fragrance Hall, you can get a view of the entire works through lattice windows.

Zhuozheng Yuan is the biggest one of its kind in Suzhou. It is one of the four most famous gardens in China as well as the World Heritage Site, and knowns as 'the garden of gardens in the world'.

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