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Indian Pavilion Highlights

Indian Pavilion Shanghai Expo

Highlight 1.
Four highlights of the Indian Pavilion have attracted the visitors from all over the world in the Shangahi Expo site. This unique pavilion is known as a "zero draining" pavilion because this green building is built with bamboo and covered by lawn and flowers. It functions as an air-conditioning, the pavilion has a rain recovery system. A horizontal aerogenerator and some solar panels are installed on the roof.

Highlight 2.
Delicious food is another highlight of the Indian Pavilion. "The Indian Bazar" in the pavilion offers all kinds of traditional Indian food; its shopping mall also displays and sells various local products from India.  

Highlight 3.
In the pavilion, visitors can enjoy very traditional dances. The amphitheater in the pavilion daily presents wonderful theatrical items with ethnic characteristics in all parts of India.

Highlight 4.
The last highlight of the Iindian Pavilion is the botanic materials. There, a 'sound-absorbing' ceiling made of bamboo is set in the pavilion.  In India, the people make much account of develping bamboo forests, and this is considered "giving full play the wisdom of the Indian people".

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