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  • Hillary Will Visit the Expo Site and The US Pavilion (2010-05-20)

    The current United States Ambassador to China, Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. praised and gave thanks for the Chinese government's efforts on May 14 when the U.S. Department of State held a press conference to declare Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton will v

  • The Original Manuscript of Einstein’s Theory Were Unveiled in Shanghai Expo (2010-05-07)

    It has been reported that two pages from the original manuscript of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity were unveiled Thursday at Shanghai’s World Expo.

  • Taking a Shanghai Expo Visa and Do A Round-the-World Tour (2010-05-07)

    Do you want a Shanghai Expo visa for souvenir? Taking a special expo visa, not only can you enjoy a round-the-world tour but have the visa stamped in different countries' pavillions.

  • Various Countries' National Treasures Showing in Shanghai EXPO (2010-05-06)

    Shanghai World Expo is not only the economic, scientific and technological exchange between the countries but an unprecedented exhibition room for the global artwork.

  • The Post-Seismic Yushu - An Eco-Tourism City To Be (2010-04-26)

    It is reported that the Qinghai provincial government has set their overall target principle about the post-disaster reconstruction: "building a plateau eco-tourism city".

  • The 9 Most Mysterious Lakes in Tibet (2010-04-20)

    There is a famous lokapala in Tibetan Buddhism named Pelden Lhamo. The shape of Lamuna Lake is like a skull, therefore, the Tibetans considered this lake as an embodiment of Pelden Lhamo's skull.

  • Tourist Route on Li River to Resume (2010-04-08)

    Thanks to continuous rainfall for several days, the water level of the famed tourist route on the Li River has been high enough for the safe navigation of tourist ships.

  • Brother Higher Mathematics - The Most Talented Beggar in China? (2010-03-31)

    When the Brother Sharp just finished his vagabond life and returned home, another tramp catches the eyes of Chinese netizens. The guy was seen reading "Economic Mathematics" in a bookstore and doing some problem-solving questions in neat han

  • The Largest Tomb of Han Dynasty Will be Open to The Public (2010-03-29)

    "Though for centuries,"He said,"The ghouls have unearthed the tomb many times.""Fortunately,we excavated many funeral objects including money,kettels,jars,franciums,swords,hook strokes,pearls,armours,bone ornaments and a 8.2-met

  • 3 Pairs of Ancient Three-Cun Lily Shoes, Kept by a Doctor (2010-03-16)

    "In the old days a woman with bound feet was considered as 'beauty' and her feet were known as 'three-cun lily feet'," "Most women's feet were about 3 cun (≈9.9 cm) when they grew up, those who have big feet may not f

  • Shanghai International Literary Festival 2010 (2010-03-12)

    In the first week of the Shanghai International Literary Festival, the literature enthusiasts from all over the world had participated in many literary sessions and made face-to-face communication with their idols.

  • Chinese HSR Will Connect 17 Countries by 2025 (2010-03-10)

    Mr. Wang said "China has drawn up a plan on the grid rail including the Central Asia HSR, the Southeast Asia HSR and the Russian Continent HSR," "We are holding a talk with some relevant countries so as we can complete this project within

  • The 4th China Rose Fair (2010-02-26)

    The 4th China Rose Fair will be held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province from April 28 to May 12, and this year's theme is "Peace and Harmony". Rose planters from China and other countries will participate in this great event.

  • The 11th Harbin Ice and Snow World (2009-12-07)

    This winter,the Harbin Ice and Snow World will be held in the bank of Songhua River as it used to.In the venue,the ice sculptors from all over the world will use 150,000 cubic meter ice and 100,000 cubic meter snow to create more than 2,000 ice/snow

  • The 36th Harbin Ice Lantern Art Fair & Ice and Snow Disney Fair 2010 (2009-11-18)

    The Harbin Ice Lantern Art Fair is a famous ice tourist highlight with more than 30 years’ history as well as one of the three wonder works of ice and snow art in the world

  • The Activities of the 26th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival Opening (2009-11-18)

    1.The Ceremonial Opening of the Ice and Snow Festival & The Reception Dinner Hosted by the Local Government Time Address Activities Jan.5,2010 15:00-16:00 Harbin International Conference, Exhibition and Sport Center Gym

  • Highlight Activities for the 26 th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival (2009-11-18)

    Five Main Activities Highlight Activities Time Address Ice and Snow Art Activities The Opening Ceremony of the 22th Sun Island Snow Sculpture Fair Dec.18,2009 Sun Island The 36th Ice Lantern Fair & the Open

  • 2009 China International Tourism Fair (2009-11-10)

    We have learned the news from the China National Tourism Administration that the 2009 China International Tourism Fair will be held in the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center from 19 to 22 in November. According to the officers fro

  • Nonstop Planes to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong (2009-11-10)

    To visit Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong Scenic Area will be more convenient from Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou as there are nonstop planes fly to Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport. Currently, each between only has one round-trip plane and the airborne hour

  • Grand Celebrations Held for China's National Day (2009-11-10)

    The 60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China is at hand. A series of grand celebrations will be held for this great event. The Chinese government has scheduled them...