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Travel News

  • The Tibetan Are Holding the Shodun Festival (2009-11-10)

    The annual Shodun Festival is now being held in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. The festival will last 7 days (Aug.20-26) and is held with prayers, Tibetan operas, arrow shooting, tug-of-war, dancing, singing, drinking, picnics, horse race (in Damx

  • Turpan Meets the Travel Boom (2009-11-10)

    Turpan has met the travel boom since the end of July. According to the local tourism department, more than 10,000 tourists flock to visit the city every day...

  • The Panda Film Week in Ya'an Sichuan (2009-11-10)

    The second period of "Panda, Animal and Nature Film Week" will be held in Ya'an, China from August 19th to August 25th. Source from the authority of Ya'an City, the films belong to 11 countries such as France, New Zealand and Switzerl

  • 2009 Hami Melon Festival (2009-11-10)

    Hami will hold its 6th Hami melon tourist Festival from July 28th to the beginning of August 2nd...

  • Shanghai World Expo Tickets Have Been Sold to Individuals since July 1 (2009-11-10)

    Shanghai World Expo Tickets Have Been Sold to Individuals since July 1! Domestic buyers can purchase tickets at 2,796 outlets nationwide set up by the four authorized sales agents in China — China Mobile, China Telecom, the Bank of Communications an

  • The Resurgence of the Ancient Tea and Horse Road (2009-11-10)

    In the past few days, the Mabang Road Ethnic Culture and Art Museum has been free open to the public in Lijiang, Yunnan. The museum is adjacent to the Black Dragon Pool Park, it shows the panorama of the Ancient Tea and Horse Road via a 200-meter-lon

  • Sightseeing Buses between Ili and Urumqi (2009-11-10)

    It is reported that the sightseeing buses have shuttled between Ili and Urumqi a few days ago! According to the Bus Service Center in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, their luxurious buses pass many famous tourist sites on the Silk Road. Th

  • Nine Must-see Tourist Sites in Sichuan (2009-11-10)

    Sichuan, a province in south western China, has been historically known as the "Heaven of Abundance". It distinguished itself by its spicy cuisines, hot pot, panda bears, tea houses...

  • Sichuan Earthquake Sites Are Made Public! (2009-11-10)

    It is reported that the Sichuan Tourism Administration has made the first batch of earthquake sites public. The authority appealed to the tourists from home and abroad comply with the arrangement and supervision of the tour guides. And the tourists a

  • Beijng Hutongs Tour (2009-11-10)

    Hutongs or Hutungs are usually associated with Beijing. When you plan a Beijing trip on line with the local tour operators, mostly they will recommend you visit the Beijing Hutongs because they are considered as the unique window to see through the B

  • Where to See Dragon Boat Races in China? (2009-11-10)

    The dragon boat races are held in all over China during the Dragon Boat Festival (May28th-30th). Here I recommend you seven good places to enjoy the wonderful races...

  • First International Heavenly Horse Festival Will Hold in Ili, Xinjiang (2009-11-10)

    The first Heavenly Horse Festival will hold in Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili in 10th July. The festival will last about one month. Cosponsored by the Tourism Administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Travel Bureau of Jiangsu, and the I

  • International Mountain Outdoor Sports Challenge Race Holding in Leye! (2009-11-10)

    The Second International Mountain Outdoor Sports Challenge Race is being held in Leye, Baise, China now! The race last from April 26th to April 28th including cross-country running, cross-country biking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, valley tra

  • Annual Luoyang Peony Festival is Holding Now (2009-11-10)

    The opening ceremony of 27th Luoyang Peony Festival was held on the evening of April 9th in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China. This festival is last from April to May every year (April1st to May 10th). Now many tourists from all over the world have

  • China unveils health-care reform guidelines (2009-11-10)

    BEIJING, April 6 (Xinhua) -- China Monday unveiled a blueprint for health-care over the next decade, kicking off a much-anticipated reform to fix the ailing medical system and to ensure fair and affordable health services for all 1.3 billion citizens

  • Heavy Repair to Beijing Great Wall and New Zoological Attraction Built Meanwhile (2009-11-10)

    The first heavy repair is made to the section of Huaunghuacheng Great Wall in Beijing since the Ming Dynasty. The repair project is launched by Beijing government and costs more than 120 million CNY. It take 1 year to finish the work...

  • Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day's Reverence for Huang Emperor's Tomb (2009-11-10)

    On April 4, a grand worship ceremony will be held for Huang Emperor's Tomb at the foot of Little Bridge Mountain in Hebei province. Many a Chinese people gather from all part of the world...

  • Digital Great Wall Built in Beijing With A Hundred Million CNY (2009-11-10)

    A large data base is organizd for Great Wall of China. Relevant literature, writing materials, pictures, marks of cultural relics and work of art are recorded by data base which will provide evidences for site protection, public use and academic rese

  • All Entrance Tickets Will be Given a 50% Discount in Sichuan (2009-11-10)

    "The entrance tickets of all the scenic spots and tourist attractions will be free on May 12th in Sichuan" an officer from the Sichuan Tourism Authority said. "On May 12th, 2008, a tremendous earthquake had attacked the whole province and

  • Shanghai More Attractions to Offer Discount (2009-11-10)

    Ten more scenic spots and tourist attractions will be chosen to offer a 50 percent discount on admission prices every Tuesday, Shanghai tourism authority said yesterday...