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Black Dragon Cave

The Black Dragon Cave (aka Qinglong Cave) is located at the foot of Zhonghe Mountain along the banks of Wuyang River nearby Zhenyuan. Referred to the name of the cave, one maybe image it is as a cave. But in fact, it is exactly an ancient architectural complex instead of a cave. It is a group of architecture constructed on a narrow belt of 40meters wide, 300 meters long, under cliff.

The Qinglong complex, built in 1388 (in the Ming Dynasty), consists of the Black Dragon Cave, Zhongyuan Buddhist Temples, Longevity Taoist Joss House, Ziyang Confucian College, Wish Sage Bridge, Lotus Flower Pavilion and so on. It is really a wonderful art masterpiece that skillful craftmanship make full use of the natural landform to create. Also it is a culture museum of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

Black Dragon Cave, Guizhou ToursBlack Dragon Cave, Guizhou ToursBlack Dragon Cave, Guizhou Tours

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