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Tianxingqiao Scenic Area

Downstream 6 km from the Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxingqiao Scenic Area is another famous tourist sites in Anshun. The area consists of three adjoining sections: Tianxing Cave, Tianxing Miniature Garden, and Stone Forest on Water.

The Tianxing Cave holds plenty of naturally formed stalactite pillars, stalagmites and lime plates. With clusters stone flowers, four large steles are more than 20 meters tall each and reach the top of the cave. Colorful stalagmites and lime plates are fantastic in shape and decorate the cave as a magnificent banquet hall.

Tianxing Miniature Garden and Stone Forest on Water are actually can be taken as a whole. Here, the small streams environ numerous grotesque rocks and form many crystal lakes, which looks like many stone forests on water. They offer a very beautiful view of stone garden.

Tianxingqiao Scenic Area, Guizhou ToursTianxingqiao Scenic Area, Guizhou ToursTianxingqiao Scenic Area, Guizhou Tours

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