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Chejiang Dong Villages

Chejiang Dong Villages, located at 5 km east of Rongjiang County, consist of 3 villages called Zhanglu, Zhaitou and Motang, with a population over 3000. The Zhanglu village is the most well-known for its fame - the cradle of standard Dong dialect.

The entrances of the villages are featured by a cobble-paved street surrounded by a group of big aged Chinese Banyan trees. The street, stretching about 0.5 km, is a small local marketplace. At the end of the street, a sculpture stands there, in memory of the love story of Zhulang and Qin Niangmei - a Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. There once came a movie call Qin Niangmei from that story in 1950s in China.

Chejiang Dong Villages, Guizhou Tours

Chejiang Dong Villages, Guizhou ToursChejiang Dong Villages, Guizhou Tours

In the villages, drum towers and Sama temples are must-see attractions. The famous Chezhai Drum Tower has a history of 120 years. And the newly-built drum tower is top in height and scale.

Sama temples, almost each Dong village has one, are the house where the Dong people make sacrifice to their Goddess Sama.

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