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Seventy-two Dong Village

Seventy-two Dong Village, Guizhou ToursSeventy-two Dong Village, about 40 km from Rongjiang couty, is the best preserved aboriginal Dong village. There are full of properties such as drum towers, roofed bridges (Feng-Yu bridges), sweet rice wine, and exquisite costumes and more, which reflect the traditional mode of production and life style of the Dong people, their housing form, and the changes of their society.

The villagers welcome guests by a unique rite. When one arrives at the gateway, the people come out with singing a 'Block Song' after the sound of gong and firecracker. They invite the guest to answer to the song by singing. If the guests cannot do that, they offer other way - the guest have to listen to a Dong girl's 'Guest Greeting Song', then drink a bow of sweet rice wine and laugh loudly. The Dong girls put up a flower ring for you and lead you into the village. This rite is originated from a way the youth seek a love partner in the village. 

The Seventy-two Dong Villagers retain a simple tradition of life. There are lot of very pretty girls who are dressed up by delicately exquisite silverware and costume in the village. They are not beautiful but also are intelligent in craftmanship. Especially, they produce all sorts of vivid design and refined pattern for their costume, which offers a amazing sight for the tourists.

Seventy-two Dong Village, Guizhou ToursSeventy-two Dong Village, Guizhou ToursSeventy-two Dong Village, Guizhou Tours

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