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Tang'an Dong Village

Tang'an Dong Village is under the jurisdiction of Zhaoxing Township, Liping County and renowned as the "most primitive Dong Village" in China. The village is 5 km from the Zhaoxing Village, 72 km from the county town of Liping. The country road stretches to the village, which is located on a mountainside and is surrounded by paddy field and lush greens. There are about 800 people and 160 households in the village. The village has more than 700 years' history, though it hasn't got any written records of its history.

Tang'an is a cooperative-built village by the Chinese government and the Norway government. It was founded in 1995. This project has a name of "Tang'an Eco-museum of Dong Ethnic Group". The village shows visitors the terrace fields, village gates, legged wooden houses, drum towers, wind and rain bridges (or roofed bridges), opera stages, ancient graves, garments, production tools, old wells, water-powered roller for grinding grain, barns, spinning wheels, the big straw piles ancient stone paths, the alter to worship the female ancestors of Dong people-Goddess Sa Sui, the lifestyle of the villagers, and the unique customs in wedding, burial, sacrificing ceremonies, music and dances. All of these make it the epitome of all Dong villages.

Tang'an Dong Village, Guizhou Tours

Tang'an Dong Village, Guizhou ToursTang'an Dong Village, Guizhou Tours

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