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Malinghe Canyon

The Malinghe Canyon (or Malinghe Valley) sits 5 km east from Xingyi and 360 km from Guiyang. As a part of the Malinghe River, the Malinghe Canyon is stretching over 70 km and covers an area of nearly 3000 sq km in Xingyi region. The Malinghe River originates from Wumeng Mountain and flows through Xing region southeastwards into the Nanpan River.

With a fame "Slit of the Earth" or "Beautiful Scar of the Earth", the canyon offers a spectacular views of nature, geography and culture. Turbulent water falls down from the northwest plateau and cuts its way through the limestone, giving birth to a deep valley. The whole valley presents a magnificent view, with cliffs on both sides of the valley facing each other, blue water gushing on and a swathe of sky overhead. In fantastic natural sight, the valley is featured for bizarre-shaped rocks, impressive cascades, deep caves, shoals, lakes, subtropical forest along the river. Also, ancient temples, bridges, villages, barracks, warfields, post roads, steles and relics offers the valley a cultural appealing.

Malinghe River Drifting
Another wonderful thing about the Malinghe Canyon is that the local tour operators offer and organize a drift-down trip along the 11- km long watercourse full of rapids and cliffs, which face each other. In summer or autumn, a drift of flowing rhythm on riptide in a rubber boat down the river is an experience of more scared than hurt and is nice to enjoy the beautiful valley in a romantic way. On the way of drifting, you will go through 18 shoals, 20 sinus, 30 deep pools, 200 pouring waterfalls, multicoloured calc-sinter ‘fresco’ on the cliffs on both sides. That is an absolutely exciting adventure

In 1997, the valley was chosen as the place where the 1997 International Drift-Down Championship was held, for its rapids, beautiful valley and beauty spots.

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