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Wuyang River Scenic Area

The charming Wuyang River runs 95 kilometers (about 59 miles) from Huangping, through Shibing, down to Zhenyuan (three counties of Kaili). This river reach, well kown as Wuyang River Scenic Area, is characterized by natural landscape of eight canyons, historic sites and minority ethnic flavor.

Traditionally, the river reach, from Huaping to Shibing, is called Upper(Shang) Wuyang. Upper Wuyang are abundant in river bends, odd cliffs and peaks, monkeys, birds, bamboos and trees. Its highlights are the Crying-for-Husband Rock and the General Rock with an interesting story. 

Wuyang River Scenic Area, Guizhou ToursWuyang River Scenic Area, Guizhou Tours

A brave general and his army were marching on track road along the river. Before a rock, they came across a crying woman beside a coffin. The general asked what did she cry for. The fact was that the woman's husband went to a war and she heard nothing from him after the war. So that she picked up some skeletons on the battlefield and was about to bury them by the coffin. The general was deeply moved by what happened to the woman. Then he dismissed his army and avoided the coming war. The people used this story to name the rocks. Thus the the Crying-for-Husband Rock and the General Rock expressed people's wish for peace.

From Shibing to Zhenyuan, the stretch of the river is named Down(Xia) Wuyang. There offers the most wonderful and impressive sight of Wuyang River. Rafting along the Down Wuyang, one will be surprised by cloud-capped peaks, virgin forests, steep gorges, crystaline waterfalls, gurgling springs, cave temples and ancient towns. That is a cruise picture of typical Karst landform with cutural sign on the Wuyang River.

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