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Zhaoxing Dong Village

Located to the south of Liping County, Zhaoxing Dong Village is one of the biggest Dong villages in southeast Guizhou. It lies in a basin environed by mountains and has a stream twining through. Actually, the village consists of five natural villages or five sections (the locals call tuan): Ren (benevolence) Tuan, Yi(loyalty)Tuan, Li(proprieties)Tuan, Zhi(wisdom)Tuan and Xin(honest)Tuan.

The most attractive in Zhaoxing Village may be the unique buildings. Diaojiaolou, a kind of stilted house,which is known as the symbol of the Dong people. In the village, such many houses are  on the hillside. These houses are all built of Chinese fir with blue tile roofs and have several levels. The villages have their domestic animals lived in the first floor and they live in the uper level. Drum tower, another symbol of the Dong people. Each village of Zhaoxing Village features one drum tower.The towers have a square foundation, but have different architectural styles, levels, and height. They are used to hold the special events and ceremonies such as the wedding and public meeting or the places to send signals to the entire villages. The wind and rain bridges, the epitome of Dong people's buildings, each natural village has one in Zhaoxing, all the bridge has kiosks with very distinctive roofs with eaves that resemble the wings of birds. Each bridge is completely different from each other, and each is magnificent. Apart from these buildings, each villages in Zhaoxing have their own opera stages and grain barns. They add beauty to each other, forming the unique charms of Dong ethnic culture.

Zhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou Tours

Zhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou ToursZhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou Tours

Some highlights of the Zhaoxing Village you should not miss, such as the Dong people's garment, embroidery and silver accessories. The villagers still wear very traditional garment. All the Dong women were taught to weave, embroider and make garment when they were children. They wear very beautiful silver accessories.

Zhaoxing Village is also a cradle of Dong festivals and dances. The important Dong festivals include Dong New Year, the New Harvest Festival, Sama Festival and so forth. There are many kinds of Dong songs and dances, among which the Grand Song (Dage) is the best known. Zhaoxing is also the place where Dong people gather to perform the Dong drama every year.

The Zhaoxing Dong Village has about 800 Dong ethnic households with a total population of more than 4,000.It has become world famous village with more and more western visitors flock here. The village has been integrated into the first national batch of nationality folk culture protection project, National Historic & Cultural Villages and named the center of Dong drum tower culture by the National Ministry of Culture.
Zhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou ToursZhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou ToursZhaoxing Dong Village, Guizhou Tours

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