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Beijing Shopping

Beijing Shopping Guide, Beijing ToursWelcome to visit and shop in Beijing, China Fact Tours' Beijing shopping page offers you the most detailed information of Beijing Shopping!

Beijing is the capital of China and the national center for politics, culture and international exchange. When you visit the city combining with old and modern, you will not only be impressed by a variety of tourist attractions, but also the commercial prosperity, which will whet your shopping appetite.

Beijing Main Shopping Areas

The Malls at Oriental Plaza

Situated on the best-known Chang'an Road, it is a mixture of commerce, shopping and recreation in a grey white luxurious complex. Considered as the largest shopping plaza in Asia, Oriental Plaza is naturally your first shopping spot in the Wangfujing business street. A comprehensive shopping area, it has a myriad of goods of Chinese characteristics and of internationally famous brands, ranging from clothing, footwear, hearddress to handicrafts and jewelry. Shopping there will definitely be a pleasure thanks to its first class shopping facilities and wide commodity selections.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos. 1, 4, 10, 37, 32, 103, 10 4, 728 or subway to Wangfujing Stop.

Beijing Department Store
An old store of a history of 50 years, Beijing Department Store has witnessed the development of Beijing commerce. It has been extended and renowated, but still remains its original architectureal style. Present-day Beijing Department Store, combining large numbers of commodities from home and abroad, is still a large-scale retailing department store of national fame and high prestige.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos. 1, 4, 10, 37, 52, 103, 104, 728 or Subway to Wangfujing Stop.

Ruifuxiang Silk & Cloth Store
A time-honored shop of a history of more than 120 years, Ruifuxiang Silk & Cloth Store provides approximately ten thousand kinds of commodities and mainly deals in quality silk produced in areas surrounding Suzhou and Hangzhou in the east of China, as well as leather wares and fur goods from the north of China and Asia. Today's Ruifuxiang still preserves its original appearance of a two-story building with a yard at the center. As its tradition, Ruifuxiang tailors Chinese traditional clothes such as cheongsam and Chinese long gown. Shopping in the century-old shop, buying a fit silk cheongsam or long gown and then touring around Beijing's alleys in it, you will feel the distance between you and China to be shortened.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos. 20, 59, 110, 120 or Subway to Qianmen Stop.

Beijing Tongrentang, Beijing ToursTongrentang Pharmacy
A well-known drugstore of traditional Chinese medicine, it has a history of more than three centuries. Tongrentang Pharmacy mostly trades in Chinese traditional drugs produced by Tongrentang on its own, which are not only famous at home but also are exported overseas. Although nowadays chain stores of Tongrentang Pharmacy can be easily found in Beijing, it is still worthwhile visiting the original Tongrentang Pharmacy at Dashilan outside Qianmen if you are interested in Chinese traditional medicine. Various kinds of western medicine are also available there. It operates on a 24-hour basis.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos.20, 59, 110, 120 or Subway to Qianmen Stop.

Art and Crafts Mansion
Arts and Crafts Mansion is the largest store of its kind in China specialized in handicrafts and art works including jewelry, sculpture, cloisonné works, lacquer objects, porcelain articles, ceramics, colored lanterns, silk, batik, fur birds, containers, bamboo or grass woven articles, four treasures of the study (i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and Xuan paper), calligraphy, paintings, seals etc. The Arts and Crafts Museum on the sixth floor is especially worth a visit because of the collection of over 600 pieces of art from Chinese eminent artists.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos.1, 4, 10, 37, 52, 103, 104, 728 or Subway to Wangfujing Stop.

Beijing Friendship Store
Beijing Friendship Store is the first foreign-related shop established after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Although it once received many state heads, government leaders and personages, nowadays it has opened to the whole society. It specializes in Chinese silk, jewelry, ivory, sculpture, embroidery, cloisonné works, etc. it also provides services such as currency exchange, authentication of cultural relics, packaging, and checking.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos. 1, 4, 9, 728 to Ritanlu Stop or Subway to Jianguomen Stop.

Beijing Antique Center
Beijing Antique Center is the largest indoor center of antiques in the world, dealing in thousands of antiques, ancient calligraphy and paintings, precious stones and jade. It holds various exhibitions and auctions of antique art works on a regular basis. It is both a paradise for shopping and a museum of art.
How to Get There: Take Bus Nos. 28, 300, 368, 378, 803 to Shilihe Stop.
Beijing Famous Shopping Streets

Beijing Shopping Guide, Beijing ToursWangfujing Street
Wangfujing Street is a pedestrian shopping street, as famous as the Great Wall and Beijing roast duck. This shopping mall has accumulated well-known stores, such as Oriental Plaza, Sun Dong An Plaza, Beijing Department Store, Arts and Crafts Mansion, China Photo Studio, Foreign Language Bookstore, Shengxifu Hat Shop, Tongshenghe Shoe Shop, Good Friends world, Daming Optical, Swiss Famous Watches Center, One World Department Store, etc. An ideal place for shopping, Wangfujing Street of today is regarded as "the number one business street in Beijing" thanks to the concentration of stores and shops and the addition of human amenities such as flower terraces, benches, desks, figure sculptures, etc.
Address: Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District

North Dongdan Road (Silver Street)
It is a section of the road from the north of Dongdan to Dongsi. Shops around there are usually small, mainly franchised stores of famous brands and some specialty shops. Your vigor, taste and judgment will enable you to obtain the most fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. this street alone can make you a trendy man or lady.
Address: North Dongdan Road, Dongcheng District

North Xidan Road
North Xidan Road, Wangfujing Street and Dashilan at Qianmen are collectively referred to as "three traditional business areas in Beijing". After several restorations, present-day Xidan possesses many large-scale stores and shops, such as Xidan Shopping Mall, Xidan Department Store, Huawei Mansion, Paris Wedding Photo Studio, Beijing Bookstore, Capital Cinema, etc. Time-honored Xidan has become a modern business and cultural area.
Address: North Xidan Road, Xicheng District.

Qianmen Business Street
Qianmen Business Street has long history. Dashilan Tourism Pedestrian Street, part of Qianmen Business Street boasts charming old-fashioned Beijing feature. In this street, you will find a number of time-honored shops such as Tongrentang Pharmacy, Neiliansheng Shoe Shop, Ruifuxiang Silk & Cloth Store, Liubiju, Zhangyiyuan Te Shop,, Majuyuan Hat Shop, etc. Goods and souvenirs from all over China are also available there.
Address: Qianmenwai Street

Chongwenmenwai Road
There are large markets and stores on Chongwenmenwai Road, such as SoShow, New World, Hongqiao Market specialized in agricultural, sideline, aquatic products, Ciqikou Market, and Tianhong Market specialized in flowers. Hongqiao Market is especially worth a visit, which largely trades in pearl jewelry, clothing accessories, furs and leatherware articles, and imitation antique handicrafts, etc. if you are skilled at bargaining, you will get good value.
Address: Chongwenmenwai Road

Beijing Shopping Guide, Beijing ToursLiulichang Culture Street
Liulichang Culture Street is an antique business street mainly dealing in quality "four treasures of the study (i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and Xuan Paper)" as well as "imitation antiques" and "copies of stone inscriptions, calligraphy and paintings". The street is lined with row upon row of famous stores trading in ancient and second-hand books, seals, porcelain works, copies of stone inscriptions, calligraphy, paintings and four treasures of the study, such as Rongbaozhai (trading in original calligraphy and paintings). Antique Shop, China Bookstore (trading in ancient books), Beijing Paintings Shop, Yanjing Calligraphy & Painting Studio, Zhenyunge (trading in jewelry). Yidege (trading in ink, Chinese vermillion seal paste), Four Treasures of the Study, Jiguge (trading in imitations of antiques), and Cuiwenge (trading in seals) etc.
Address: Hepingmenwai

Beijing Silk Street
Adjoining diplomatic quarters around Temple of the Sun, Silk Street has been changed from an open-air market to a glass-window mansion. Besides Chinese silk, souvenirs, export clothes and famous brand goods, some new stores have been set up such as a branch of Ruifuxiang, a chain store of "Hot Wave" Clothing Store.

As a matter of fact, Silk Street is not the only one of its kind in Beijing. Other well-known markets include Yijiaxinxiu Business Building opposite Silk Street, Ritan Office Building in Chaoyang District, Yaxiu Market in Sanlitun Street, Wantong Small Commodities Wholesale Market near Fuchengmen, Guanyuan Small Comomodities Wholesale Market near Fuchengmen, and Zoo Wholesale Market near Xizhimen etc.
Address: Northeast of Jianguamen, Chaoyang District.

Beijing Featured Commodities
Arts and crafts as well as copies of antiques, which are full of Beijing characteristics, are first choices for travelers shopping in Beijing, such as cloisonné works, jade objects, lacquer articles, sculptures, seals, four treatures of the study, antiques, calligraphy, paintings, sough figurine, facial makeup, kites, etc. these goods are available in Rongbaozhai, Arts and Crafts Mansion, etc. Specialty food of Beijing is candied fruit and snacks with a Beijing flavor, which can be bought at time-honored Daoxiangcun Store. Beijing also boasts its authentic Chinese traditional medicine and nourishing food, among which those produced by Tongrentang are the most famous.

Famous Stores in Beijing

Name Add Tel(Area Code: 8610)
The Malls at Oriental Plaza No. 1 Wangfujing Street 85186363
Beijing Department Store No. 225 Wangfujing Street 65126677
Sun Dong An Plaza Wangfujing Street 65280186
Xidan Department Store No. 120 North Xidan Road 66056531
China World Shopping Mall No. 1 Jianguaomenwai Avenue 65052288
Beijing Friendship Store No. 17 Jianguaomenwai Avenue 65003311
Scitech Plaza No.22 Jianguaomenwai Avenue 65124488
Blue Island Tower Dongdaqiao, Chaoyang District 85634422
Hongdu Fashion Company No. 28 Dongjiaominxiang Road 65136644
North Star Shopping Center No.8 Anli Road, Andingmenwai 64993263
Guiyou Store Yong'anli, Jianguaomenwai Avenue 65629175
Henderson Center No. 18 Jianguaomenwai Avenue 65183212
Ruifuxiang Silk & Cloth Store No. 5 Dashilan, Qianmenwai 63032880
Tongrentang Pharmacy No.24 Dashilan, Qianmenwai 63014883
Yuanlong Silk Co.,Ltd No.15 Dongjie Zhongli, Yongdingmenwai 67052451
Arts and Crafts Mansion No. 200 Wangfujing Street 65288866
Rongbaozhai No.19 West Liulichang Street 63012177
Beijing Curio Center No.21 South Road of the 3rd East Ring Road 67747711
Beijing Antique Store No.64 East Liulichang Street 63017433
Lufthansa Friendship Mall No.52 Liulichang Road 64651188
Neiliansheng Shoe Shop No.34 Qianmenwai Street 63013038
Daming Optical Wangfujing Street 65252072
Foreign Language Bookstore Wangfujing Street 65126929
Beijing Hengdeli Watch Shop No. 217 Wangfujing Street 65253490
Ritan Office Building No. 100 m to the east of south gate of Ritan Park 85619556
Century Golden Resources No.1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District 88875888
Panjiayuan Second-han Market No.18 Huaweili, Chaoyang District 67741869
Laitai Flowers Market No.9 West Maizidian Road, Chaoyang District 64636145
Yaxiu Clothes Market Sanlitun 64168699
Guanyuan Wholesale Market No.2 Chegongzhuang Road, Xicheng District 88385757
Wantong Wholesale Market No.2 Fuchengmenwai Road 68588145

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