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  • Shopping in Zhangjiajie

    Compare with other Chinese cities, Zhangjiajie is a less developed area. You may not buy everything as your expectation. But don't worry about to be back with disappointment. You have some local special things to buy.

  • Shopping in Guangdong

    Called Yue for short, Guangdong Province faces the South China Sea in the south, and is backed on Nanling Mountain in the north. Neighboring Hong Kong and Macau, Guangdong is the southern gate of China and the nearest access to the sea leading to the

  • Shopping in Hongkong

    There is plenty of street-side shopping since Hong Kong is a very integrated city. Chances are, you will be staying in a tourist area where there are shops everywhere. Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay are two popular tourist areas where many hotels are

  • Shopping in Macau

    Shopping in Macau is a pleasure and an adventure. Macau is a place where you can purchase almost anything, and have a wonderful time doing it. Luxury items are cheaper here than in other cities in the region.

  • Shopping in Hainan

    What would a holiday be without a spot or two of shopping? Hainan Island offers shoppers a unique experience with vendors and emporiums of every size from street stalls to corner shops to hotel boutiques to large department stores.

  • Shopping in Fujian

    Located in the developed area along the coast of the southeast of China, Fujian is of various products. Its main specialties are: bodiless lacquer wares and paper umbrellas of Fuzhou, Quanzhou puppets Zhangzhou narcissuses...

  • Shopping in Chongqing

    Although Chongqing Municipality is not as modern as Beijing or Shanghai, it still provides a superior shopping environ-ment for locals and tourists alike. Rich in natural resources, Chongqing produces a great variety of local and special products inc

  • Shopping in Harbin

    As the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin is both a shopping center for the whole province and an ideal place for winter tourism. National Import & Export Commodities Fair is held regularly, which has enjoyed high reputation around the

  • Shopping in Guiyang

    Situated in southwestern China, Guizhou is a beautiful natural park which has plenty of mountains and basins, presenting itself a relief map of fantastic peak and plateaus. Superb collection of handicrafts with unique ethnic style is of great reputat

  • Shopping in Lhasa

    During your visit to Tibet, Barkhor Street is a place you mustn't miss besides such long dreamed places as Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Drepung Monastery.

  • Shopping in Chengdu

    As the capital city, located on the west Sichuan Plain, the hinterland of so-called the'Nature's Storehouse', Chengdu possesses not only unbounded rich fields, but also mountains and valleys...

  • Shopping In Dali

    Dali is a famous holiday resort with perfect combination of natural scenery, historic sites, and ethnic customs. It is also a compact community for the Bai ethic group. Fuxing Road is the busiest place in Dali with many boutiques, restaurants, and so

  • Kunming Shopping

    Kunming is a famous city with long history and rich culture, picturesque natural scenery, numerous places of interest and pleasant weather all year round. Kunming is also an international tourism city under development, where the World Horticultural

  • Hangzhou Shopping

    The gentle water of West Lake makes Hangzhou "the heaven on earth". This beautiful city with long history and abundant products was called "shopping heaven" of the Southeast due to thriving trades since ancient times. Some traditional

  • Shopping in Suzhou

    Suzhou is an ancient city with a history of over 2,500 years. The beautiful scene of Taihu Lake, deep-blue tiles against white walls, old towns surrounded by flowing water and well-distributed Suzhou gardens contribute to its prosperity and charm.

  • Huangshan Shopping Guide

    What to buy and where to do the shopping for your Huangshan tour? Huangshan City is small and not as modern as the metropolis, but shopping is always connected with tourism. Besides, with the profound historical and cultural influence of the Mountain

  • Shopping in Lijiang

    Lijiang, located in the northwest part of Yunnan Province, is an ancient city with beautiful sceneries and splendid civilization. It is a major collecting and distributing center of different products in the northwest part of Yunnan and the place of

  • Shanghai Shopping

    As China's largest economic center endowed with a long history and a rich culture, Shanghai is well-known for its cosmopolitan features and humanism. It is not only an ideal touring and sightseeing place, but also a "shopping paradise".

  • Shopping in Xian

    Xi'an, the gateway from northwest area to central China, is a famous tourist city in this county. Its close cultural and geographical contact with the northwest area renders it the biggest commercial and trade center in the northwest part of Chin

  • Shopping in Guilin

    What to buy and where to do some shopping in Guilin? You will find many interesting local foods and drinks to sample, and shops filled with beautiful local craftwork and art in Guilin.