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Guizhou boasts its rich tourist resources with its appealing picturesque landscapes and diverse ethnic culture. Some famous tourist attractions are much-explored by the tourists, such as the Huangguoshu Waterfalls,
the Dragon Cave, Tunpu Culture of the Ming Dynasty, the Miao people's villages,the Buyi people's villages, the Dong people's villages,
Ground Opera etc. Guizhou homes 49 distinct groups,
each with its own language, lifestyle, festivals,
costumes and cultural heritage. The southeast
part of the province is known for its unique Dong
ethnic culture. Towns like, Congjiang, Rongjiang,
Liping, Diping and Zhaoxing are scattered amongst
the hills along the border with Guangxi. These
towns have many artistic covered bridges, called
Wind and Rain Bridges. They were built by
the Dong minority people.

Guizhou Tour Packages

  • 5-Day Guizhou Ethnic Facts Tour

    Explore the Guizhou's mysterious minorities on a private tour with an expert guide who specializes in ethnic costumes, adornments, lifestyle, buildings, traditions, history, languages, and arts ...

  • 6-Day Guizhou Miao Culture Tour

    Take the time to get to know the unique culture, handicrafts, and diverse heritage of the Miao (Hmong) people as you explore the ancient towns and the pristine mountain villages. Let their tradition and folklore enhance your journey through Guizhou.

  • 7-Day Guizhou Miao Area Hiking Trip

    This tour gives you a chance to walk through Miao villages,stay at farmers' home and experience their life. We will invite a local Miao to lead our trip at some places.The villages we walk through are Long Skirt Miao villages,they have many stilt

  • 9-Day Yunnan And Guizhou Tour

    A very special tour package! We will feast our eyes on the unparalleled natural beauty of Yunnan and Guizhou. We will visit some minorities' villages to dig their unique culture facts and explore an ancient military outpost village, where the peo

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Guizhou Highlihgts

Tunpu Culture-the living fossil of the Ming military outposts